Ada is the protagonist of D'LIRIUM. She friends with Claudia, Dismas, and Gestas. She is gifted the Demonic Casket by Abel, a mansion curator. By opening the Demonic Casket, she floods the surrounding area with demons, and seemingly killing her three friends; with Abel disappearing.

//** SPOILERS**\\

Throughout the game, Ada has a moral conflict. Being guilt tripped by Abel at the end of the bbb game about being a maniac. If you have killed any monsters at all (even just one!!) or any of your friends, Abel will call you a Manic. The ending will either be Ada, grimacing, opening the casket and becoming the god of the underworld, or coming back to the atrium with her friends and getting in a dispute, then killing all 3 friends and then finally becoming the god of the underworld.

If the player has not killed anyone throughout the playthrough however, Abel will show respect for Ada, stating that he appreciates that they respect other's lives. It is only at that stage that all 3 of Ada's friends can be spared.